SmartStart frustration

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Today is my rant day about the supporting software which HP delivers with it’s Proliant servers. There’s different kinds of software downloadable for use with HP Proliant server: HP SmartStart… Read more »

Frontend and backend IOPS

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I’ve met quite of few customers and colleagues who are unfamiliar with the terms mentioned in the titles. Could be that a blogpost might help clear up a lot of… Read more »

Blogging from Colorado Springs

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I’ll be at the EMEA HP Certified Professional Storage Works ASE Conference 2010 (what a mouthfull) in Colorado Springs from 6 to 12 february. I hope to report some of… Read more »

Storage, hosts and quads?

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When I was checking out the HP SAN Design Guide for the latest design rules for SAN’s with HP’s products, I came accross the following information on page 125 of… Read more »

Happy 2010

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From the home of this blog in The Netherlands a happy and great 2010 !! May you life be great and pleasant with all the people you love and care… Read more »