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I’ll be at the EMEA HP Certified Professional Storage Works ASE Conference 2010 (what a mouthfull) in Colorado Springs from 6 to 12 february. I hope to report some of the information I receive on this blog, that is everything which is not under NDA 🙂

Maybe one of my colleagues, also attending, will write a blogpost too, if I can get them to write 😀 .

2 thoughts on “Blogging from Colorado Springs

  1. Martien Korenblom Post author

    My my, you must have had a frustrating week. I think you should not only attend the conference, but make use of the possibility to talk to the guys who develop and engineer the stuff. Also you have the possibility to give feedback on how your partnership is working with HP and on the products.

  2. Andy

    Good Luck, if the last few years are anything to go on you will spend hours and hours watching powerpoint presentations, and the overall theme will be ‘Sell Storage Essentials’ You may also find out about the new P4500, 6500 and 8500 and probably the x9300 range, the P4000G2 may even be mentioned, the Germans will sit on the back row all sporting the same ‘T’ shirt, so far as NDA is concerned, you must be kidding, they tell you next to nothing.

    The visit to the Ranch on Sunday (if HP can afford it) is the low of the week, the meal sponsored by Brocade will be the highlight. I decided to have a life this year and not attend, but I hope you enjoy yourself.


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