Some Google Apps and Android quirks

About two weeks ago I switch from the iPhone 3GS to an Android based Samsung Galaxy S Plus. I also switched to Google Apps, the free version, for the family mail, contacts and calendar stuff.

First off, I registered my phone with my GMail account and downloaded some apps, a great experience. Nearly nothing had to be configured to use mail, contacts and calendar. Bad luck though that my primary mail was at a different account and I used IMAP for that.
The built-in Mail application on an Android device is not really suited for used with IMAP as there’s very little options to make use of the IMAP presented folders for for example Sent mail. Needed another app for that and found K9 Mail.

In the meantime I was migrating my mail to a new Google Apps account, I needed more online space for the mail as my current provider has a max of 50MB, which is not a lot when using IMAP.
Mail was transferred from Outlook, Apple Mail and some other places. There’s all kinds of Google applications from that.
What I unfortunately found was that transferring mail from a GMail account to a Google Apps account is NOT possible. Kinda strange if you know that both are Google products!

Next thing after transfer of mail, calendar and contacts was trying to setup my phone to used the Google Apps account in stead of the GMail account. Bad luck again, because there’s no way to transfer the registration of an Android phone (Market, Checkout etc.) to another account!!
There is a way, a factory reset of your phone, but then you lose all your purchased applications!

Other than that Google Apps and the Android platform a really flexible.

Just my two cents (call it a rant) about Google’s stuff 🙂

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