Crossmatrix of HP Branded Qlogic and Emulex cards

A colleague had some troubles finding the right driver for an HP branded Fibre Channel HBA, as some the HP branded cards are sometimes known under different names and number. To give an example: the Emulex LP1150, a 4 GB/s Single Channel PCI-X HBA, is known as HP part number AD167A and as HP product number FC2143. On top of that the fact that most operating system installations simply talk about the Qlogic or Emulex numbers, because it cannot see the difference between an HP branded HBA or an HBA from the actual vendor.
HP also only supports its ‘own‘ drivers with these cards, so you probably need a matrix :).

Just to help him out and maybe the rest of the world, I searched for the best place to find information about these HP branded Qlogic and Emulex cards.

First off are the HP branded Emulex cards:

Emulex has a special website for the HP branded Emulex products: Emulex HP microsite
Over there you can check out the ‘Emulex & HP‘ menu item, under which you can find the ‘Quick Refence Guide’ and the ‘HP Qualified’ list of HBA’s.

Next the HP Branded Qlogic cards:

Qlogic has a little corner on their website for the OEM HP solutions of their products: Qlogic OEM HP Solutions
Between the podcasts and datasheets there’s also a link to the Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter Support Matrix

There are more HBA’s in the world of HP but these two brands are the most used, if you need more information or links to information, don’t hesitate to leave a message.

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